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Billing Queries

What is the Billing Procedure?

Every customer is allotted a unique BP (Business Partner) and CA (Contract Account) Number). Customer falls in a specific zone, bills are generated on same date every alternate month as per the Zones.

First bill is generated based on actual meter reading taken. An assessed bill is then sent after two months which is again followed by an actual bill. This sequence is followed alternately. Billing cycle is defined as Bi-monthly.

Whether my bill generated is Actual or Assessed?

In case of an ACTUAL bill, the exact reading is taken as shown in the meter on a particular date and the same is reflected in the bill. Alternatively, if reading is not available, a bill is generated on an ASSESSED basis.

Assessed or Actual is suitably stated in the bill. Refer to Bill History and the reading page.

Periodicity of ACTUAL bill?

Meter reading is obtained by MGL for every alternate bill. In case reading is available, bills are raised accordingly. If no reading is available, bills are raised on Assessed basis (Based on last six bill raised)

If a customer has not received three actual bills, a standard average of 0.42 SCMD per day is used while calculating the gas consumption for the number of days between two billing cycles.

As and then the meter reading is available actual bill will be raised which will be on pro-rata basis from last Actual reading billed to the Current actual bill.

If your consumption is more than what is being billed, (you can check your meter for closing reading) inform MGL as per the Procedure stated in the FAQ.

Billing cycle of a customer?

Please mention the BP No or CA No and the billing schedule will be provided accordingly.

Delivery of bills?

MGL ensures the delivery of gas bills to all its domestic customers. The Postal Department is entrusted with the delivery job keeping in mind their best services and their familiarity with the physical locations in the city.

Bills are expected to be delivered within Five Postal Working Days.

If you are not receiving bills, please visit our website and download your bill, further also provide us your e mail id and Mobile number for facilities Viz.  "E-bill" & "Bill via SMS link".

What is "E bill" facility & "Bill by SMS link" facility?

Bills are also sent through e-mail, if desired by the customer. To have this facility, the customer should register with MGL giving the e-mail id. Bills are also sent by SMS link where the consumer has choice to make payment while viewing the bill.

What are the methods of bill payment?

Payments can be made by using various modes as listed below:

Drop Box facility

Drop a cheque or demand draft at any of the convenient locations identified with the following agencies/ banks. (Click on each to view the location of drop boxes)

  • ICICI Bank,
  • MINC Boxes,
  • Axis Bank,

Across the Counter

Post Offices,
Suvidhaa outlets, Euronet, Paypoint.

How to DRAW a CHEQUE or DEMAND DRAFT for Gas Dues?

Cheque to be drawn in the name of "Mahanagar Gas Ltd A/c (State CA No.). Kindly mention the mobile number on the reverse of the cheque.

Procedure to be followed for any rectification in the bill

Yes, you need to provide a meter reading, and if our reader wants to visit the house to check at actuals, he may be allowed for necessary verification before the bill is rectified.

What should be done in case customer is not being billed yet since the date of conversion?

You need to contact our CRM office and seek resolution.

what should be done in case a customer is not using gas?

MGL will continue to raise the assess bill, unless it is informed by the customer the period of non-usage of gas (continuous period of 26 weeks ). Customer must inform either by writing a letter or sending an email to ( the period of non-usage of gas alongwith the latest photo of meter reading. As per MGL policy "Minimum Charges" shall be levied for the period of non-usage of gas as informed by the customer. However, regular billing will be initiated after the lapse of such non-usage period or receipt of incremental meter reading during such period."

Acknowledgement of payments made to MGL

If payment is made at Post Offices, Suvidhaa Outlets, a receipt for the same will be provided immediately by the concerned person to whom the payment is made.

MGL acknowledges receipt of realized payment in the bill under the Head "Important Information".

Does MGL recognize National Automated Clearing House (NACH)?

Yes, visit our website for electronic mandates.

Alternatively, if any difficulty, you can download the physical form from website fill and forward to CRM office.