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How PNG Bill is Calculated

The Billing Pattern

The general billing pattern is to bill for gas consumption every two months. The first bill is on ACTUAL gas consumption as per the meter reading. The second one is on ASSESSED basis. Thereafter, the cycle of billing alternately by Actual Reading and Accessed Reading is repeated.

What do (A) and (E) represent?

The letter (A) after the previous/ closing reading indicates that it is an ASSESSED Reading. Whenever Actual Reading is not available, for any reason, the bill is generated on ESTIMATED basis. In this case, the letter (E) is indicated after the previous/ closing reading given on the bill. For estimation, average of last 6 bills is taken. In cases where gas usage started less than 1 year ago and less than 3 actual bills were generated, then estimation is done on average gas consumption.

Remember: Your bill is based on Actual Meter Reading if neither (A) nor (E) is mentioned after closing reading on your bill. On the reverse side of ACTUAL bill, meter photograph is provided.

Three Rate Slabs

The more you consume, the higher the rate.
Presently (As in July 2016) there are 3 Slab Rates.
Slab I = Rs. 21.96/SCM, Slab II = Rs. 26.01/SCM, Slab III = Rs. 33.36/SCM.
(SCM – Standard Cubic Meter) · Slab III rates vary month on month.

General Example of Domestic PNG Billing Through SAP
Presently (As of 19.07.2016): Slab I = Rs. 21.96/- SCM, Slab II = Rs. 26.01/- SCM and Slab III = Rs. 33.36/- SCM. Assumptions: For the imagery consumer in Mumbai. Closing reading on 19.07.2016 = 100; Previous reading on 19.05.2016 = 1
Gas consumption during the billing period of 61 days (19.05.2016 to 19.07.2016) 100 -1 = 99 SCM (Average daily consumption = 99/61 = 1.62 SCMD)
Slab - I Gas consumption (Up to 0.60 SCMD) during billing period of 61 days 0.60 x 61 = 36.60 SCM (Slab I consumption)
Billing amount (@ Rs. 21.96/- SCM) 36.60 X 21.96 = Rs. 803.73 (Slab I amount)
Slab – II Gas consumption (Between 0.61 SCMD and 1.50 SCMD) during billing period of 61 days. 0.90 X 61 = 54.90 SCM (Slab II consumption)
Billing amount (@ Rs. 26.01/- SCM) 54.90 X 26.01 = Rs. 1427.95 (Slab II amount)
Slab III Gas consumption (Above 1.51 SCMD) during billing period of 61 days 0.12 x 61 = 7.32 SCM (Slab III consumption)
Billing amount (@ Rs. 33.36/- SCM) 7.32 X 33.36 = Rs. 244.20 (Slab III amount)
Hence total bill amount (Excluding taxes/ arrears/ adjustments, etc.) = Total of Slab I, II and III amounts. 803.73 + 1427.95 +244.20 = Rs. 2475.88

Applicable rounding off is carried out for gas consumption by SAP.

To avoid ESTIMATED Bill, you can render help as follows:

  • (a) Remember your billing date.
  • (b) At least 4 days prior to the billing date, give Actual Meter Reading (the digits under black portion on the meter) to MGL through:
    0 8 5 3 2 XXXIgnore the figure to the right of the comma
    • (i) a) Downloading 'MGL connect' android app &
          b) Uploading your metre photograph and reading through the app., OR
    • (ii) SMS: Space < 5 digits (in black) > to 9223555557, OR
    • (iii) E-mail to, or by logging in to OR
    • (iv) Logging in to - Customer Zone and entering your meter reading, OR
    • (v) Calling (022) 68674500 / (022) 61564500

In case of ASSESSED & ESTIMATED Bill, along with the mentioning of (A) & (E) respectively after closing reading, relevant message is also provided on the reverse side of the bill. Meter photograph is obviously not provided in such cases.