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Maintaining harmony with nature is centrifugal to MGL’s vision. MGL therefore puts utmost priority to environmental issues.

Animals and Birds form an important part of our eco system. Like us, they need space, food and clean water. MGL has supported a voluntary animal welfare organization. The intervention targets stray animals who not only suffers from homelessness, but starvation and cruelty. They are often regarded as problems with issues like causing road accidents, spreading diseases, bites, howling, littering, fights, etc. are associated with them. The quality of life itself is extremely fragile.

The project components includes:

  • Controlling stray animal population through sterilization:- 1800 strays are targeted to be sterilized.
  • Treating diseased:- Treating diseased animals and
  • Fostering adoption

To serve the same MGL has extended facilitated:

  • Establishment of veterinary ICCU with latest technology for sterilization and treatment,
  • Installing wards and cages to facilitate pre and post operations for sterilization and treatments,
  • Solar power plant to convert the entire operations to green energy,
  • Veterinary Ambulance for quick response,