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Domestic Connection Request

If you are interested in using PNG for domestic use (i.e. cooking, water heating) you have to fill up our online Domestic Connection Request Form**On receipt of the same our Team shall contact you with our registration form, to be submitted duly filled along with any one of the supporting documents i.e. Electricity Bill, Society Receipt, Flat Agreement, Rent Receipt and requisite charges by cheque / draft only.

Domestic Connection-Gasified Building


Please Contact our Customer Care Executive on 68674500 / 61564500 for the new Domestic Connection Request.

Total Amount to be paid per Domestic connection is Rs. 6635. Details of payment is as follows:

  • Sr. No.ParticularsAmount (
  • 1Application Fee (Non Refundable)750
  • 2GST @ 18%135
  • 3Security Deposit for the connection (Refundable)5000
  • 4Security Deposit for gas consumption (Refundable)750
  •  Total Amount to be paid per connection (incl. 18% GST on Application Fee)6635