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Mahanagar Gas


Corporate Governance


Details of the composition of the committees of the Board of MGL

  • Names of the CommitteesCommittee MembersDesignation
  • Audit Committee
  • Audit CommitteeMr. Venkatraman SrinivasanChairman
  • Audit CommitteeMr. Syed S. HussainMember
  • Audit CommitteeMs. Malvika SinhaMember
  • Audit CommitteeMr. Ashu ShinghalMember
  • Audit CommitteeMr. Sanjay ShendePermanent Invitee
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. Syed S. HussainChairman
  • Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. M.V. IyerMember
  • Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. Rajeev Bhaskar SahiMember
  • Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. Ashu ShinghalPermanent Invitee
  • Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. Sanjay ShendePermanent Invitee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeMs. Malvika SinhaChairperson
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeMr. Syed S. HussainMember
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeMr. Ashu ShinghalMember
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeMr. Sanjay ShendeMember
  • Stakeholders Relationship Committee
  • Stakeholders Relationship CommitteeMr. Syed S. HussainChairman
  • Stakeholders Relationship CommitteeMr. Venkatraman SrinivasanMember
  • Stakeholders Relationship CommitteeMr. Ashu ShinghalMember
  • Stakeholders Relationship CommitteeMr. Sanjay ShendeMember
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Risk Management CommitteeMr. Rajeev Bhaskar SahiChairman
  • Risk Management CommitteeMr. Venkatraman SrinivasanMember
  • Risk Management CommitteeMr. Ashu ShinghalMember
  • Risk Management CommitteeMr. Sanjay ShendeMember