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Commercial FAQs

What is the process of registration in Commercial category?

After acceptance of Commercial offer, customer has to fill the desired registration form and submit application fees along with the mandatory documents required for Commercial registration.

Which documents are required to register for Commercial PNG connection?

Customer at the time of registration has to submit self-attested photo copies of-
a.) PAN Card and VAT TIN (in case VAT TIN not available, declaration to that effect).
b.) BMC Shops and Establishment Certificate (other than Mumbai Gumasta license if available).
c.) Land Purchase Deed (if owned)/Agreement (if leased/Rented).
d.) NOC from society/ landlord.

How is Consumption Security Deposit amount calculated?

It is calculated based on your monthly gas consumption of alternative fuel like LPG/ Diesel etc. or an estimated consumption based on data provided by customers in their registration forms.

Do I have to pay Consumption Security Deposit at the time of registration?

Security deposit is presently collected in first 3 installments after conversion through bill. Amount deposited as Security Deposit shall be reviewed on a quarterly basis and customers shall be informed through request letter for any revision in security deposit amount.

Who will appoint a downstream contractor?

Customer is required to appoint a reputed and experienced piping contractor for installation of internal piping from regulator/meter upto burner at his own cost. The piping work should be done strictly as per MGL's technical specifications and guidelines. The list of contractors are available on our website.

Can my current LPG downstream pipeline used for commercial PNG supply?

Customer must consult downstream contractor for piping work before taking any final decision that should be in line with code of practice as prescribed by MGL in the offer letter.

Can I appoint a downstream contractor who is not in MGLs approved list of downstream contractors?

MGLs approved list of downstream contractors is suggestive and customer can appoint any downstream contractor who does inside piping work as per the specifications laid down by MGL and confirms to Fire departments and other statuary norms.

Is Commercial Connection transferable to a new owner?

Commercial connection is transferable subject to availability of necessary documents required for Commercial registration and NOC from the existing user. This is only applicable where the premises and commercial load of existing and new commercial establishment remain same.

What is the procedure for ownership transfer in commercial category?

Below mentioned documents can be submitted for Ownership transfer:
a) Request letter for Ownership Transfer.
b) PAN Card and VAT TIN.
c) BMC Shops & Establishment Certificate.
d) Land Purchase Deed (If Owned) Agreement (if Leased/Rented).
e) Partnership deep (if partnership firm).
f) NOC from the previous owner.
g) Cheque of Rs. 250/- in favour of Mahanagar Gas Limited towards ownership transfer.
h) Application cum registration form.

Are tariff rates and billing cycle different for Commercial and Domestic PNG segment?

Yes, tariff rates and billing cycle are different for Commercial and Domestic PNG segment and Bills are delivered every fortnight in Commercial Segment.

Does the rate of commercial PNG changes frequently?

The selling Price of Natural Gas in Commercial category presently is indexed to the selling price of 19 Kg Commercial LPG Cylinder as applicable within the Municipal limits of Mumbai during each month of the year with a temporary discount level of 10% (floating price). MGL reserves the right to revise/modify or withdraw at any time the above mentioned temporary discount or incorporate a premium in the same without stating any reason by prior intimation to customers.

Are there any minimum charges for not using commercial PNG connection?

Minimum shortfall charges for not using Commercial PNG connection is Rs. 250/-

Commercial bills can be paid through any of the below options-
a) Cheque/ DD Payment.
b) Additional facility of payment through online mode either through RTGS (Above Rs. 1 lac) or NEFT (Below Rs. 1 lac).
c) Payment can also be made by “ACH” (Automated Clearing House) also. For ACH activation you are required to contact on 61880674/ 61880698.

What are the options for payment of bills in Commercial category?

Commercial bills can be paid through any of the below options-
a) Cheque/ DD Payment
b) Additional facility of payment through online mode either through RTGS (Above Rs. 1 lac) or NEFT (below Rs. 1 lac).
c) Payment can also be made by “ACH” (Automated Clearing House) also. For ACH activation you are required to contact on 61880674/61880698.

Is there any agency to collect billing payments?

MGL has appointed bill distribution & collection agencies to collect gas dues payment on or before the due date. In case of delay, customer should make preferably bill payment through RTGS/ NEFT to avoid any inconvenience.

Can I get refund of application fees, in case of disconnection?

Application fees is non-refundable in case customer opts for not to use PNG anymore due to any reason at customer’s end.

Can commercial connection get temporarily disconnected like domestic connections?

Temporary disconnection can be done either on the basis of customer request or non-payment of dues before the due date. Customer presently has to pay reconnection charges of Rs.1500/- in case temporary disconnection has taken place.

Can I shift my meter location as I have decided to renovate my place?

Subject to technical feasibility, meter location shifting can be done by technical team of MGL. One needs to inform MGL in writing before and after renovation work is completed to ensure proper disconnection, reinstallation and reconnection of gas meter.

In case of an emergency, whom should I contact in MGL?

Please dial our Emergency Helpline numbers 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400 are functional 24*7 and all 365 days of the year.