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What is Piped Natural Gas (PNG)?

PNG is mainly Methane – CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of Carbon to Hydrogen is least in Methane and hence it burns almost completely making it environment friendly. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines.

What is the cost of getting a PNG connection?

Presently, we are charging Rs. 6500/- for a domestic PNG connection, comprising of :

  • Non-refundable charges of Rs.750/- towards application.
  • Interest Free refundable Security Deposit of Rs.5000/- for the connection and
  • Interest free refundable Security Deposit of Rs.750/- for gas consumption.

What is Security Deposit for PNG connection?

“Security Deposit” means interest free refundable amount collected from the customer at the time of providing PNG connection towards the safe keeping of the equipment’s installed at the premises of the customer.

What is Security Deposit of gas consumption?

Flexible Gas Consumption Security Deposit

  • Every customer is required to furnish Security Deposit (SD) Rs.750/- towards gas consumption at the time of Application form submission or during the year when such demand is raised by MGL.
  • At the end of each financial year, MGL will analyze the consumption of each customer and as and when the consumption is higher than the sum of Rs.750/- based on the average of Twelve Months equivalent six bills, based on which if the average Gas Sales is greater than the available security deposit, we shall raise differential demand on such customers in the bills of May and June every year as a onetime charge.
  • The Differential SD shall be levied in multiples of Rs.100/-
  • Failure to pay the Revised SD (Additional) will be considered as default and will be liable to disconnection.
  • Further when disconnection is done, charges for Disconnection and Reconnection shall apply prior to reconnection being provided to the customer.

In whose favour the payment for the connection and gas bills is to be made?

DD/ Cheque must be made in favor of “Mahanagar Gas Limited” only. No payment should be made in cash. If the Payment is made towards the PNG connection, please write Name and Contact Number on the reverse side of the DD/cheque. If the Payment is made towards gas bills, please mention Name, Contact Number, Business Partner (BP) Number and Contract Account (CA) Number on the reverse side of the DD/cheque.

What is the procedure for installation of Gas Geyser as I want to install a Gas Geyser in my flat?

Existing PNG users need to login the request (Customer Care) for the gas geyser. New customers need to specify their Gas Geyser requirement at the time of registration. Always ensure not to install gas geysers through unauthorized persons. Customer shall call only customer care for geyser installation requirement. Also note that Geyser will not be installed in bathrooms for safety reasons.

What is the procedure for surrendering Gas connection permanently as we are moving out and have sold the flat?

Send your request for permanent disconnection along with contact number in writing to our Customer Care and our representative will visit your premises and disconnect the line. Please ensure that all the previous dues are cleared at the time of disconnection. (Permanent disconnection charges will be applicable as per prevailing tariff card.)

Is the supply of PNG regular?

Yes, the supply is absolutely regular. The pipeline distribution network is based on a positive gas pressure which is also looped for redundancy. Thus in normal condition, an un-interrupted supply at a constant pressure is assured.

Do I have to surrender subsidized LPG connection after getting the PNG connection?

Yes, you have to surrender the subsidized LPG connection as per the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) notification dated 23.09.2009 and 16.12.2013. If you do not surrender the subsidized LPG connection within 60 days after starting of PNG supply, MGL reserves the right to disconnect the PNG supply. However, with LPG control order letter dated 09th January 2014 you can retain one LPG connection and the government oil companies shall provide the refill at the non-subsidized rate.

What is your billing process?

Your gas consumption bills are generated every alternate month with one Assessed bill and one Actual bill. Assessed billing is generated on the average of your consumption during the past six months. Actual billing is done on the Actual Meter Reading taken by our meter reader who visits your home once in four months. For further information please visit our Billing Section.

How do I report my grievances?

We would be glad to assist our valued customers and address any kind of queries with regards to PNG supply and services. For further information please visit our Customer Care section.

What are the various Natural Gas Appliances available in the market?

Presently, various gas based appliances such as Gas Geysers, Air Conditioners and Generators are available in the Market. However, Gas geyser is being predominantly used in domestic segment in our operational areas. The other appliances such as Air Conditioners and Generators are being used mostly in commercial and industrial establishments.

How does a Natural Gas Geyser work?

Gas based geysers work by utilizing the energy from the combustion of natural gas, transferred directly from the flame to water. These systems are incredibly efficient at heating water. MGL aims to provide hot water in kitchen and bathroom as an economical and reliable solution for domestic customers. For further information please visit our Customer Care section.

What is the purpose of Natural Gas driven Generators?

Gas Generators for Residential buildings – Objective is to provide backup power solutions to residential societies during unavailability of grid power. Presently, Diesel Generators are used for backup power requirements which may be replaced with Gas generators.

What is Natural Gas based Air Conditioning unit?

Natural gas air conditioning is nothing new; in fact, it provided most of the air conditioning requirements in the 1940's and 50's. However, due to new advancements in technology and efficiency, natural gas air conditioning is experiencing resurgence in popularity. Modern residential Natural gas based air conditioners are more efficient, long lasting and low on maintenance.

Do's and Don’ts


  • Open windows and doors.
  • Close the appliance valve (Yellow knob just at the start of rubber tube).
  • Close the meter control valve (Knob near Meter).
  • Call our 24 hours emergency number 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400 immediately.


  • Do not ignite the burner or any other items.
  • Do no switch on/ off any electrical switches / appliances in the house.
  • Do not operate mobile phone inside the house.
  • Do not attempt to repair the gas equipment or pipelines.
  • Do not repair gas lines/ equipment's through unauthorized person.
  • Do not carry out any modifications on PNG installation through any unauthorised agencies/person.
  • Do not change the position or leave the copper tube, gas meter dangling from their initial installed location during house renovation work.
  • Do not conceal gas pipeline when your house/society is undergoing for repair or renovation.

In case of gas stoppage


  • Check if someone has closed the riser isolation valve (Located at the ground floor).
  • Close the appliance valve (Yellow knob just at the start of rubber tube).
  • Close the meter control valve (Knob near Meter).
  • Call our 24 hours emergency number 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400 immediately.

Don't s

  • Do not attempt to repair the gas equipment or pipelines on your own.
  • Do not open the riser isolation valve.

In case of fire


  • Close the gas tap.
  • Close the control valve.
  • Close the riser isolation valve.
  • Disperse all personnel to a safe location.
  • Call our 24 hours emergency number 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400 immediately.

Don't s

  • Do not attempt to repair the gas equipment or pipelines on your own.
  • Do not open the riser isolation valve.

Precautions for gas usage

Precautions for daily operations:


Domestic PNG customers

  • Before igniting the cooking appliances, ensure that there is no gas smell.
  • Ensure that the rubber hose is in good condition and it is properly fixed to cooking appliance and appliance valve.
  • Open the appliance valve first, then the knob of the cooking appliance and ignite the burner immediately.
  • Ensure hot utensils or hot items do not touch the rubber hose of gas stove.
  • After cooking make a practice to close the appliance valve.
  • Use only the stoves converted to run on PNG.
  • Also make a practice to close Main Control Valve/Meter Control Valve inside kitchen in night once cooking for the day is done.

Safeguard for Domestic PNG installations

  • Ensure nothing is tied or hanging on the gas pipeline.
  • Ensure that gas pipeline doesn't get hit or damaged by any work in the vicinity.
  • Ensure that you do not conceal the GI pipeline, Meter, Regulator or Appliance Valve in the wall / furniture.
  • It is advisable to use rubber hose up to a length of one meter to ensure your safety.
  • Do not install electric / telephone wires / cables very close to gas line, also do not tie them to the gas installation.
  • Do not excavate the soil above the pipeline laid underground in your premises.
  • Do inform MGL on toll free no. 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400 if at all any excavation is observed in your premises or surrounding or on roads so as to safeguard MGL network supplying has to your premises.
  • Do inform MGL on toll free no. 18002669944 (Toll free) / (022)-68759400 / (022) -24012400, for any civil/ repair work of building to safe guard MGL pipelines.
  • Ensure the water / drainage line doesn't pass very close to underground/ aboveground gas installation and the same is not leaking.
  • Ensure proper water line plumbing for gas geyser connection.
  • Approach MGL for guidance if renovation or modification in the house is affecting gas installation.
  • If any modification / extension / replacement of gas installation is required, please approach MGL for the same.
  • Do not use domestic connection for commercial purpose. In case such connections are identified, gas supply to the connection shall be discontinued and appropriate legal action will be taken by the company.
  • Do not carry out any modification on gas lines through unauthorized person.

What if my address needs correction?

  • For correction in Wing Name, Society Name/ Building Name, Road Name, Landmark, City, Area / Location, Pin code etc., please forward correct address on society letterhead with secretary's name, signature, Business Partner No. and Contact No. Please note that other documentary proofs like mobile phone bill are not accepted for making such changes.
  • For correction in spelling of name/ floor no. / flat no., please send self-attested copy of electricity bill, maintenance receipt issued by your residential society, registered agreement.
  • Please note that other documentary proofs like mobile phone bill or PAN card are not accepted for making such changes.

(E-mail to or send to Pay and Accounts Office, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400 051)

Who can do the online registration?

If at least one resident in the building is using PNG connection then the applicant can apply for online registration.

What, if none of the residents in the building have PNG connection?

Please send letter/e-mail on society letter head with the number of people interested in taking the PNG connection, secretary’s name, mobile number and signature (E-mail to or send to Pay and Accounts Office, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400 051).

What is the procedure for online registration?

Applicant can fill the form online by clicking on the following link

If the customer wishes to make payment for registration online, he can use various e-payment modes.

If the customer wishes to make payment through cheque/draft then take the print out of the form along with the required documents like Electricity bill/ Society maintenance bill/ rent receipt/Agreement copy and sent it to Customer Care Department, Pay and Accounts Office, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400051.

Please note that the application needs to in the name of the present owner of the flat.