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After sales service Charges

After Sales charges (Labour charges) for job inside the customer's premises effective from 01st September 2022 to 31st August 2025 (This service is available from 10 AM to 6 PM on all days except Sundays and Holidays)

  • Labour charges for After Sales Services
  • Sr no SOR description UOM Rate
  • 1Removal of Meter without alteration Each320
  • 2Installation of Meter without alteration/ Meter replacement workEach460
  • 3Addition / Alteration of Copper Tubing work (for Meter shifting/ Gas Geyser work)Meter 85
  • 4Addition / Alteration of GI Pipe Meter 140
  • 5Copper tube work up to 5 meters length (for Gas meter shifting / Installation and /or Removal of gas geyser). For more than 05 meters length, SOR 3 will also be applicable.Each575
  • 6Removal of Hole piece Each400
  • 7Installation of Hole piece Each400
  • 8Temporary DisconnectionEach230
  • 9Reconnection of Temp. disconnected cases/ Reconnection of reticulated casesEach260
  • 10Fixing of PVC Clamps onlyEach200
  • 11Inspection of MGL assets against service requestEach 290
  • 12LIV Installation / Replacement work:Each200
  • 13Visit charge (applicable on third visit/ technical support request from customer/ for Gas Geyser related work)Each175
  • 14Installation/replacement of appliance valveEach200
  • 15Installation/replacement of meter bracketsEach345
  • 16Painting of GI riser & laterals.Meter 166
  • 17.ARiser testing, leakage rectification & clamping of riser.0 to 4th Floorper meter50
  • 17.BRiser testing, leakage rectification & clamping of riser 05th floor to 7th FloorPer meter40
  • 17.CRiser testing, leakage rectification & clamping of riser 08th Floor to 15th Floorper meter30
  • 17.DRiser testing, leakage rectification & clamping of riser- 15th Floor & aboveper meter30
  • 18Shifting of Service regulator up to 3 meterNo3450
  • 19.aLaying of 32/63 mm PE pipeline without reinstatementMeter 575
  • 19.bLaying of 32/63 mm PE pipeline with reinstatementMeter 1035
  • 20Installation of Welded RiserMeter 400
  • 21Installation of Half round concrete guard - labour chargesEach175
  • 22 a GI Lateral work up to 2 meters for customer connectivity Each1200
  • 22 bGI Lateral work from 2 mtrs to 3 meters for customer connectivityEach1300
  • 22 cGI Lateral work from 3 mtrs to 4 meters for customer connectivityEach1380
  • 23Replacement of Riser isolation valveEach290
  • 1. CGST & SGST will be applicable extra.
    2.The cost of material is as per the MGL purchased price/rate of MGL approved vendors.
    3. 5% extra charges will be applicable on labour charges for Service Providers operating in South Zone i.e. from SION to CSMT & CHURCHGATE

Charges to be taken by service providers for stove related services from PNG customers

In view of the changes in the service charges to be levied to the customers it has been reviewed and deliberated. Accordingly, effective 01st April 2021 it has been decided that service charges to be collected by the service providers from customers for services provided will be as under:

Sr no Nature of services Unit Classification of goods/ services Charges (Rs.) GST(Rs.) Total including GST(Rs)
1 Material charges for rubber hose replacement (1.5 meters) Each Services 18% GST 161 29 190
2 Material charges for rubber hose replacement (1 meters) Each Services 18% GST 119 21 140
3 Visit charges Each Services 18% GST 100 18 118
4 Service charges for Hot plate for Per hot plate Services 18% GST 70 12.6 83
5 Service charges for Cooking range, Hobs & auto ignition Hot plates          Per cooking range Services 18% GST 300 54 354
6 Stove conversion (LPG to PNG and PNG to LPG)          
7.a Stove with 2 burners Per stove Services 18% GST 150 27 177
7.b Stove with 3/4 burners Per stove Services 18% GST 250 45 295
7.c Automatic stove Per burner Services 18% GST 100 18 118

The service providers shall provide the GST invoice for any service charges collected from the customers in line with the above.

Note : The cost of material/spare parts except Rubber hose changed by service provider shall be as per the model of the hot plate of the customer