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Important Policies

Billing Policy

  • Bills are raised once in 2 months.
  • Actual meter reading is taken by MGL once in 4 months based on Billing Cycle of the consumer.
  • In case of non-usage of gas by consumer, the consumer should inform MGL based on which Minimum Charges Bills will be raised on the consumer.
  • All Bills raised by MGL have to be paid by the consumer on or before the due date.
  • Once a consumer is disconnected, connection will only be provided at MGL’s discretion only after paying the reconnection charges as applicable from time to time.

Disconnection Policy

  • On non-payment of 3 bills lock will be applied by appointed agency isolating the supply.
  • On non-payment of 6 bills complete disconnection will be performed by the Operations & Maintenance team of MGL.
  • In case of Meter reading not available for 3 consecutive attempts & after providing notice to consumer.
  • Incase of customer do not allow for meter repalacment after 15 year of installation and a notice to consumer

Collections & Reconnection Policy

  • Customer has to pay the reconnection charges.
  • If a customer has deferred his reconnection and has paid only Rs. 1600/- earlier shall pay the differential i.e. Rs. 2500/-.
  • On Payment of Rs. 4230/- a customer shall be eligible for re-connection.

Cheque Dishonoured Procedure Followed by MGL

  • For every dishonour of cheque Rs. 200/- is charged for Domestic Consumer.
  • In case of consecutive dishonour of cheques, notices are served on consumers under Section 138.