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Natural Gas: Material Safety Data Sheet

Section I: Material Identification & Use

  • MaterialNatural Gas
  • Supplier's NameMahanagar Gas Limited
  • AddressCity Gate Station
  • CityMumbai
  • StateMaharashtra
  • Postal Code400 022
  • Chemical NameNatural Gas
  • Chemical IdentityAliphatic Mixture
  • Trade Name and Synonym asNatural Gas
  • Product UseDomestic/ Industrial/ Commercial
  • Codes / LabelsFlammable Gas - Class 2
  • Hazchem code2 S - E

Section II: Hazardous Ingredients of Material

  • Hazardous IngredientsApproximate Concentration
  • Methane (CH4)88 - 98 % v/v
  • Ethane (C2H6 )2 - 8 % v/v
  • Other Higher Hydrocarbons< 2 % v/v

Section III : Physical Data for Material

  • Physical StateGas
  • AppearanceColourless
  • OdourOdourless. Spot-leak (C2H5SH) is added for odourisation
  • Specific Gravity0.55-0.65
  • Solubility in Water at 30°CSoluble
  • pHNot Pertinent
  • Boiling Point- 161.5°C
  • Melting Point- 182.6°C

Section IV: Reactivity Data

  • Chemical StabilityStable
  • Incompatibility with other substancesStrong Oxidisers
  • Reactivity and under what conditionsNo reaction with common material but may react with oxidising agent
  • FlammabilityHighly Flammable
  • Means of ExtinctionCO2, DCP Type Fire Extinguisher & Water Spray
  • Special ProceduresKeep spraying water to cool
  • Upper Explosive Limit (UEL)15 % Volume of Gas in Air
  • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)5 % Volume of Gas in Air
  • Flash Point (UEL)-222.5°C (CC)
  • Auto-ignition Temperature540°C
  • Hazardous Combustion ProductsCO2 + Traces of oxides

Explosion Data

  • Sensitivity to chemical ImpactMay explode
  • Sensitivity to Static DischargeMay explode

Non Toxic

  • Skin ContactYes
  • Eye ContactYes
  • InhalationYes
  • Effects of Exposure to HumansDizziness & Eye irritation, Asphyxiation at higher concentration.

Preventive Measures

  • PersonnelAvoid direct contact
  • Protective EquipmentsProvide self contained breathing apparatus for higher concentrations, provide overclothing, hand gloves, safety goggles & shoes
  • Leak and Spill ProceduresShut down all the Valve and allow proper ventilation
  • Waste DisposalAllow the gas to burn under control

Section VI: First Aid Measures

  • First Aid MeasuresIf inhaled, remove the person to fresh air and offer artificial respiration if required. In case of skin contact, wash the skin with plenty of water & soap
  • Additional InformationWash the eye with cold water in case of eye contact

Section VII: Disclaimer

Information contained in this Material Safety Data Sheet (MSRDS) is believed to be reliable but no representation, guarantee or warranties of any kind are made as to accuracy, suitability for a particular application or results to be obtained from them. It is upto the manufacturer/ seller to ensure that the information contained in the MSDS is relevant to the product manufactured/ handled or sold by him, as the case may be. Makes no warranties expressed or implied in respect of the adequacy of this document for any particular purpose.