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Safety Features

Our Safety Features:

  • Inbuilt Safety Features have been implemented in Basic Steel Piping Grid and MDPE Gas Distribution Network.
  • District Regulating Station (DRS): Device used to reduce the pressure from 19 bar to 4 bar.
  • Service Regulator (SR): Device used to reduce the pressure from 4 bar to 0.1 bar.
  • Meter Regulator: Device used to reduce the pressure from 0.1 bar to 21 mbar and fitted in kitchen.
  • Pressure in the appliance is 21 m bar as against the pressure of gas received at City Gate Station at 19000 mbar.
  • Pipelines have been laid as per MGL's code of Practice.
  • World's best available corrosion protection technique applied in form of 3 layers of PE coating in addition to Cathodic Protection in steel pipe line.
  • Warning tape with "Danger, Gas Main Below" placed 300mm above gas pipeline.
  • Gas Isolation Valves are installed at strategic locations.
  • Regular patrolling of gas network by motorcycle riders to avoid third party damage to pipeline.
  • Automatic overpressure and under pressure shutoff has been installed at City Gate Station, District Regulating Stations and Service Regulators.