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14th April 2022
MGL revises PNG and CNG price

The selling price of domestically produced Natural Gas has been increased by 110% by the Government of India with effect from 01st April 2022. Further, cost of Re-gasified LNG which is being blended to offset the shortfall in availability of domestic gas for CNG and D-PNG segments, are at historically high levels. This combination has resulted in a significant increase in the cost of gas being procured by MGL.

Being a customer focused Company, MGL has always tried to maintain price stability for its CNG and Domestic PNG customers. However, since the increase in input gas price is significantly high, MGL has decided to progressively recover such increased gas cost. Accordingly, MGL is constrained to further increase the MRP of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by ₹5.00/Kg and Domestic Piped Natural Gas (PNG) by ₹4.50/ SCM in and around Mumbai, effective from midnight of April 12, 2022 / early morning of April 13, 2022.

Accordingly, the revised MRP inclusive of all taxes of CNG will be ₹72/Kg and Domestic PNG Price will be ₹45.50/SCM in and around Mumbai.

The revised MRP of CNG still offers attractive savings of about 59% and 31% as compared to petrol and diesel respectively at current price levels in Mumbai. MGL's Domestic PNG at current MRP is cheaper than Domestic LPG while delivering unmatched convenience, safety, reliability and environmental friendliness to consumers.

All our valued customers may please take note of these revisions.